We Got You!

It is by far easier for me to post about the medical details of this adventure, that so many have embarked on before me, than it is to write about the emotions that surround all of it.

I will do my best to give some glimpses of the joy, sorrow, anger, and laughter.

So far, informing people has been the hardest for me. I simply love so many people, so very deeply.

I wasn’t prepared for the number of people who began to say, “We got you.” At first, I was hesitant about whether I liked it. I seemed to have an auto defense response of, “I’m the one who has to do this. What do you mean, WE got this?”

Then I had a total freak out moment. And a glimpse of what it felt like to NOT have it. It was a fleeting feeling and I’m sure not the last time it will haunt me, but in that moment, I was so grateful it was a “we” and not a “me.”

The photo I’m sharing with this post is one I have used in youth ministry for years. I typically would ask the youth to pick a photo that represented their faith life. There are a ton of black and white photos I’d put out, but most every time, this is the one I picked. Then I’d explain that I feel like having faith is a leap into the unknown, the mystery, of such a great love. It’s playful and scary.

So, in my freak out moment, I saw this photo in my mind and it wasn’t just God catching me – it was a community that God has brought into my life. I am amazed by the eclectic mix of people in my life and I sure do need you as a ray of sunshine!

I got this!

We got this!

And God’s got all of us!

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