Traveling Chemo

During our annual 4th of July gathering of friends I got to forget, a few times, about what is coming and simply enjoy. However, the whole time was not that reality – It also included 4 doctors’ appointments in 2 days.

I was so grateful when my friends joined me on the doctor visits and sat in waiting rooms so I would feel their love and support.

So, the question of traveling chemo arose. See my friends are in NY, NC, SC, OH, CO… so the question began, could I do a traveling chemo? Two and a half weeks at each place with a couple days to travel before the next infusion (that I get every 3 weeks). This way I’d spread out my neediness and I mean on the 3rd infusion which seems to be tough on most, I could be in NY where I’d be staying in a house with 2 RN’s!

I know it’s a silly dream – a mooch tour of chemo treatments.  But when I asked the nurse during my chemo training today if I might be able to travel and spread out my chemo infused goodness, she said with a lot of coordination it could be done. So?! A little something to put a smile on my face and imagine the uniqueness of an experience like that…

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  1. Sara Avatar

    We’re ready for you when you are ready for round 3!! 😘

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