It’s Been Quite a Year!

As a parent you worry about your kids no matter what their age.  On January 6th, I asked Dana if she followed up with a doctor about a pain she complained about over Christmas.  She said not yet.  The next day (Saturday) I got a call from the emergency room, and she told me I jinxed her.  She didn’t know what they were going to do, keep her or let her go home.  She was very worried about worship the next day.  They let her go home.

Dale’s brother and his wife were here from Kansas, so we were busy and thought that was the end of it.  Sunday afternoon another series of calls from the emergency room, they were transferring her to another hospital once they could find one that would take her. The first concern was Ocean and Brook (Dana’s puppies).  She had called her neighbor to walk them that night and in the morning. The plans for our brother and sister-in-laws visit changed drastically.

Now, Dale and his brother were headed down to get the dogs on Monday morning. Dana texted me at 4 AM telling me she was going to Midland Hospital.  It’s funny how you cope and what you think about when you get a text at 4 AM. Instead of focusing on Dana, I got worried about her car.  A few text messages and car keys were going to security, Dale and Dave would move the car.  That’s how it started. 

After 11 days Dana came to our house for a few days then we took her home.  If you know Dana, she likes her quiet, so we left her alone for a day, then I headed down for 4 days.  Since then it has been back and forth. Surgery in March for the Gall Bladder. The Surgeon for the gall bladder said the uterus should come out as the fibroid tumors were very large.

A few weeks later the word came that the tumor in her spleen has grown a lot since January.  Dana was on a mission for a twofer as many know (take them both in one surgery).  We just hung on and supported her the best we could as she did what she did best… get her way.

Denise took the week after the June 1 surgery as Dale and I had plans: A UKC Dog Trial for Chance on Saturday and on Sunday, Ivy (a neighbor that has adopted us) graduated from high school.  I headed down on Thursday.  The pathology of Dana’s spleen came out that morning after a long discussion about whether she should look, she did.  Denise and I knew she would.  So now we know it was lymphoma. 

Basically, a life changing moment.  While we waited to hear from the surgeon, I got the job of running to pick up a prescription for Dana and was coaxed into picking up “gummies”.  Dana found a lot of humor in sending her Mom for gummies. To be honest I needed the space of being alone, something I share with Dana.  I reached out to my pastor to unload and re-settle.  The surgeon called while I was gone.  Denise reached out and told her Dad to come as he was running an errand in Midland.  So, we gathered as a family to commit to Dana as her support system and get her through this journey.

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  1. Donna Varner Avatar
    Donna Varner

    love you, and I’m here for you and Dale if you need an ear or a hug

  2. Sara Avatar

    Love you Donna!

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