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This week I'd like to share with you some moments on this journey. I am day 2 of my second round and actually feeling pretty ok! Thank you side effect curbing drugs! Thank you for all your good vibes and prayers. I can feel them! The above picture is the immunotherapy drug, Rituximab, it is a drug that my cousin Stefan makes. So, I tell myself each round that it's his batch for some added goodness.

This is what it looks like when friends visit and I feel good headed into the next round. Olive Garden Galore!

This is what it looks like when I cannot finish my lunch during the infusion.

I asked, "Can I put this in the fridge, I just cannot eat this right now."

Nurse responds, "Absolutely, will it gross you out if I put it in a biohazard bag?"

I respond, "No, that's like next-level protection for my sandwich!"

Note: I wasn't able to eat the whole thing. I ended up just making myself eat the chicken so I could get some protein in me.

I'm wearing my "fun" glasses at the infusion to make me and the nurses smile a bit! And a special thank you to one of my college roommates, Sara Boyer, who bought me this fancy chemo shirt. It makes access to my port super easy. The nurse has commented both rounds, "I just love these shirts."

This is my Aunt Sam who did the Obliteride which is the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Institute Fund Raiser. Her team raised over $14,000! She texted, "It's a pretty wonderful atmosphere of survivors, supporters, and people in treatment all rooting for you and your pals who are in treatment. Know it isn't just the people you know who are rooting for you!"

This is what it looks like when you're on chemo and realize you're running short on some meds that curb side effects! People, this is seven drugs! Just wild.

This is Brook making me laugh. She can be a funny girl.

Special Note: There are three more photos below. I put enough space for you to make the decision to scroll down or not. It is pictures of my hair loss journey and I know that can gross some people out... so scroll down at your own risk or just abort!

Aug. 10: My hair started out falling out like this... it was a bit shocking!

August 13: This was just after one shower. Every time I run my hand through my hair I lose some. I honestly didn't know how much hair I have.

Aug. 15: And people, I still have hair! Albeit it is very thin! I've never had thin hair so I'm enjoying the experience. And after looking at the photo, this large, you can notice all the hair on my shoulder. It is falling out everywhere. I'll shave soon. I'm going to a wig fitting tomorrow, if I feel good enough. I have another one next Wednesday, too. You can notice all the hats stacking up behind me. And Rev. Jamie Bruning sent me all her head dressings from her experience with Chemo (Thank you)! So, I'm set to cover this soon-to-be bare head.

13 responses to “Sharing Moments”

  1. Margaret Vredeveld Avatar
    Margaret Vredeveld

    Yes!!! You made it through the second round!!! I’m so happy!!! And hair… it grows back better than before. 💞🙏🏼💞

  2. Joann Johnson Avatar
    Joann Johnson

    I can attest to the fact that my hair came back pretty much the same as before chemo. I got shaved when I couldn’t stand to see my hair coming out in the shower anymore. My regular hairdresser was too distressed to do it so I had her coworker do it. She felt worse about it than I did!

  3. Susan Shock Avatar
    Susan Shock

    Glad you are feeling okay. Sorry about your hair. You’re still beautiful.

  4. Terrie Zitzelsberger Avatar
    Terrie Zitzelsberger

    So glad round 2 sounds a little better than the first go. I love the shirts too! You are truly beautiful with or without hair, and it will grow back if you ever want it longer again! Love your posts Dana, you are the inspiration—not us!!

  5. Heather Battle Avatar
    Heather Battle

    Sending you all the fierce and radiant love I’ve got, Dana. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself and your journey. My mom has added you to her prayer list and I hope you feel all the best hugs we shared at Witt 💕💕

  6. Heather Battle Avatar
    Heather Battle

    That was supposed to say bear hugs 🤷🏻‍♀️😘

    1. Dana Hendershot Avatar
      Dana Hendershot

      Bear Hug, right back at ya!

  7. Shirley Fish Rowley Avatar
    Shirley Fish Rowley

    Dana, love your post and your WONDERFUL attitude! You still look beautiful and that smile is so awesome to see! Sending prayers and hugs to you! Shirley

  8. Bill Gallaher Avatar
    Bill Gallaher

    Thinning hair is a problem?? 🤔 😁 For you (at least) it will most likely come back. In the meantime just let that beautiful personality (your superpower) shine.

  9. Sandy Deaton Avatar
    Sandy Deaton

    Love and prayers to you. This is just one of our life experiences that we must endure and you have such a good attitude to beat this thing. Keep up the good work. We’re here for you with love and prayers and best wishes. You are remarkable as a woman, a friend, and a fighter. Keep up the good work. We miss you 😘

  10. Jan Eversole Avatar
    Jan Eversole

    It’s Thursday and I hope you’re doing OK today. I know it gets a little rough around this time. I hope you can feel all the love we are sending you. And about your hair, like everyone says, it will grow back. I think you should get a pink wig! Just not one that will hide that beautiful face of yours. Love you and carrying you in my heart everywhere I go!

  11. debby Avatar

    u and larry could be twins:)

  12. Rose Prasad Avatar
    Rose Prasad

    You are and always will be beautiful, with or without hair!! It is your wonderful spirit znd your love for others that shines out through your eyes and your smile!!! ☺

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