Second Opinion Oncologist

Dahlia Sano, MD

About the Cancer

It seems to only be in my abdomen lymph nodes, and the doctor felt that it was not in my bones. The hip bone is active, but symmetrical, so she did not think it was cancer. It was likely lighting up because of my recent surgery.

She also didn’t feel the bone biopsy would be 100% accurate. I guess it only tests that one area. However, it doesn’t hurt to get it. If it’s positive, then they will know. If it is negative, there will still be a question mark.

The doctor used this calculator thing to tell me my chance of 5-year survival. It is 70%!

I have one marker that is “non-gc” this isn’t ideal and took down my survival by 20%.

It is not ideal to have the “non-gc” but overall I have a lot going for me that could be much worse. The fact that it’s only in my abdomen being number one. I also don’t have any symptoms.


6 rounds of R-CHOP which includes chemotherapy drugs

It is given every 3 weeks if my blood count is ok

She recommended I stay local with Dr. Sahay. It is a common and well known treatment that can be administered locally.

After 2 rounds of chemo she suggested I get another PET scan. If I am still lighting up Dr. Sano would like to take over my care.

If I still have cancer after 2 rounds I could qualify for a study at UofM for CAR-T, it is a study for people who respond slowly to chemo.

Need to have done

Dr. Sano didn’t feel I needed the bone biopsy or a port placed.

The bone biopsy I will still do – it doesn’t really hurt anything other than my time and some physical pain.

I did request that Dr. Sahay reconsider a port placement. I have not heard back yet. I guess this treatment can be administered with an IV and not having a port – with my missing spleen – would lower my chance of infection.

Unhelpful comment

If we would have known it was cancer your spleen would not have needed to be removed.

Personal note: I got a second opinion on the spleen removal from UofM and was told it needed to go and that any surgeon would agree with that recommendation. I guess you cannot biopsy a spleen in your body so it had to come out. So, just not a helpful comment that I’m still a little bitter about… I really didn’t want to lose my spleen.

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