Quick Update


The Chemo training was a bit overwhelming for me. I teared up numerous times. I even said to Dad while leaving, “You know I don’t have to do this.” That was my first reaction, but yes, I will do it!

And after Dad and I took a trip to Walgreens I came home with what could be a new hobby. Bowling with medications! These are but just a few of the scripts I’ll have to curb the side effects (I literally just got a text that 2 more are ready). I feel like I’m about to be a walking chemistry experiment. I do realize that it’s not really an experiment – it is well-known to work!

Bone Biopsy

Bone Biopsy is done… this girl does not have cancer in her bones! Whoot!!


Port goes in on Monday. If you read through my oncologist posts you’d have learned that UofM suggested not getting a port. That didn’t fly with Dr. Sahay due to one of the chemo drugs I’m getting. An IV would be very risky. I guess if one of the 4 drugs they will give me touches my skin, my skin dies (and doesn’t come back). So, if something goes wrong with the IV it would kill my surrounding skin. So, instead, it will be injected directly into my heart. Yes, people, that’s about to happen!! Still not sure how to feel about that one…


I was approved for disability the week of July 4th so I will not be returning to work until after my treatments and I kick this thing! I have a lot of emotions around this reality. I will say that I am grateful to have a calling in life that set me up with a disability plan! Thanks be to God!