Merry Christmas!

It has been a long time since I have worshipped in the pew on Christmas Eve. I am usually leading the service. Since we are in the waiting period for my results and I’m not back at work, we went to my parent’s church. We sat in the back pew because my mother was running […]


Let’s talk about anxiety for a moment. It’s not a new topic of conversation for me. I will say that throughout my life and ministry I have learned that way more people suffer from anxiety than those who do not. My anxiety kicked up a few notches in my twenties. I have always been a […]

Next Steps

I am excited to post about the next steps, instead, of gearing up for another round of chemo! Olivia introduced me to an Instagram account titled, “The Cancer Patient.” It’s a satirical look at life as a cancer patient. I have noticed that the memes I gravitate towards change as I go through this experience. […]