Mediport Placement

I wanted to give a shout out to Penny Endres and Shirley Rowley for this thoughtful and witty shirt! You know I wore this with pride on Monday (7/17) when I got my port placed. It was my third successful surgery this year. I also hope it was my last surgery for a VERY long time (well a year from when I ring the bell is when they'd remove it).

I have decided I'd really like to name this port that will be with me for about a year and half. I haven't landed on anything, yet. So, suggestions are welcome!

6 responses to “Mediport Placement”

  1. Susan Avatar

    Port-a-bella buttkicker

  2. Kathy Avatar

    How about “CK,” for cancer kicker?

  3. Joann Avatar

    Port Hope!

  4. Mark Avatar

    Stingray Bay

  5. Jan Strickler Avatar
    Jan Strickler

    Suggested name for Dana’s port – Elixir (cure-all)

  6. Dianna House Avatar

    Prayers to you always. You are in my thoughts everyday.

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