Long but short month of June
Tired girls

I’ll pick up our story from where I left off.  We both had to head home for the weekend. Denise stayed until Sunday.  When I left on Friday, she said don’t tell anyone.  It was a difficult task for me as on that Sunday we were at a Celebration of Life with many friends and many asking about Dana.  

I was heading back on Monday giving Dana a night alone.  We decided Ocean could go home but our little jumper Brook needed to stay here.   Ocean was one happy dog to be home. When I got back, the don’t tell anyone was done.  She had called the Bishop and set up a meeting with her personnel committee.  Lots of emotions were on the surface and planning needed to happen.  Her biggest decision was whether to try and work though chemo.  After much thinking and consulting she decided no.  Her concern was whether people would hear God’s word or worry about that fact she didn’t have any hair.  It was more important to her that they heard God’s word.  Some misinformation about Portico disability caused unnecessary concern.  Eventually we got the information we needed but it was not easy.  Her personnel committee was amazing and made her feel loved and supported.  These few days were difficult for her as she had to start telling people and many she wanted to tell in person.  She tried to limit it to four people a day but that didn’t always work out. The plan was in place when and how to tell the congregation and all the many things that she does and how would they cover.  The bishop came though and covered all her Sundays through the end of the year.  Chemo is for 6 months, and we don’t know how she will react.  As a Mom I am worried as she had such sensitive skin and gets rashes all the time.  How would that react to Chemo. 

 I headed home to get ready for Dana’s friends to come for 4th of July.  Her friend Jodi was coming to cover the following week. Dale had said he wanted to take his turn and offered to go the week before the 4th crowd came. I looked at him and said think about being gone that week.  Telling him there would be lots of opportunities.  Lots of cleaning and planning to get ready.  A Pet scan was scheduled that week and I rearranged my cleaning schedule to meet her for the test.  As it turns out she didn’t need me but we didn’t know. I got to meet one of her friends, Terry. We talked feeding a crowd over the 4th. I shared the secret of a roaster and when we left she was off to buy one. Dana called that her first Oncologist Appointment was June 29th.  The day before most of the crowd was arriving.  NO way Dale or I could go.  Two of her friends, Tiffany and Jodi, were meeting her at a Drum Corp event on Wednesday and Dana said she’s just take them.  The decision had been made she should not go to doctor apt alone. Emotionally I was not good with this arrangement, but parenting Dana always involved knowing sometimes she would prefer friends and it took a load off us.  

Dana, Tiffany and Jodi arrived first.  Brook had not seen Dana since May 29th. Dana was still was being careful of her incision, so plans had to be made to get Dana in and Brook out so Dana could sit and protect he belly.  Once we let Brook in, she was one very happy jumpy puppy.

 The crew showed up and were good for her soul.  They were supportive, funny, and called her on her stuff.  We knew she had a follow up appointment for the hysterectomy on Thursday and now an added echocardiogram.  Stilling with the crowd I said I was not going with her on Thursday, and she said she would go alone.  Jodi led off with no way was that happening, so I sat back and let them do their thing. This resulted in a girl trip to Midland.  The guys stayed back and hung a TV I had been trying to get hung up at the barn for years.  The U of M Oncologist call was Thursday morning.  We all sat in the cabin to listen to the call. That was such a Dana thing to happen.  Dana had a cardiologist appointment on Friday and the decision was for Beth, Randy, and Paul to go to her place to see all the renovation on Friday.  Beth and Dana took off early for the appointment.  Randy and Paul packed up and headed out later.  Ocean and Brook went with Paul, they jumped in the car, so I guess that was fine.

The following Monday was Chemo training with a hip bone biopsy on Tuesday.  This came up fast.  I had made a commitment that Monday and it was fair week in Gladwin. The church had a booth, I should take my turn working it.  So, Dale took his first turn, Dana liked the idea of Dad coming as maybe he could finish some jobs he had to do on her remodel.   I do admit I felt funny that Monday, when they were off to Chemo training, I got to take Ivy (she adopted us as grandparents) to register her for college at MidMichigan.  We had a great and productive day.  Dale stayed with Dana to Wednesday. 

The next week he took his turn again as I oversee VBS at our church and it was VBS week.  Dana was getting her port put in. This time per Dana’s request our pontoon headed down to be put in at Lake Isabella for the summer.  Thanks, Beth, for the dock space.  He headed home again on Wednesday. 

                We got the date for her 1st Chemo and that would be me.  But I’ll save that for a later post as this one got long. 

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