First Oncologist Appointment

Dr. Tannu Sahay, MD

About the Cancer

It is an aggressive cancer, but that means it can actually be cured (vs the non-aggressive which has recurrence)

Doctor needs to send out one more pathology to see if I’ll need a special in-patient treatment

It seems to only be in my abdomen lymph nodes, but the PET scan was a little unclear on if it is in my bones (hip area) so I will get a biopsy of my bone marrow

If it is not in the bones, it is stage 2

If it is in the bones, it is stage 4

The lymph nodes in my abdomen are very enlarged. It is not completely clear if that is because of the cancer or my resent surgery. They are planning to treat it as if it is because of the cancer (to be safe).


6 rounds of R-CHOP which includes chemotherapy drugs

It is given every 3 weeks if my blood count is ok

The hair loss is happening around the second treatment

Planning to start around July 17

Need to have done

Meet with a cardiologist because this Chemo is rough on the heart (Echocardiogram)

Have PORT placed

Bone marrow biopsy

The Oncologist

Seemed excited I was working with U of M because it is so aggressive – they may work together

She has lots of experience with this type of cancer

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