First Infusion

I was extremely nervous for the first infusion. I have a few side effects, and that list is just going to be my reality. So far, it is very doable. I thank all the prednisone for the added energy. I haven't napped today, but I absolutely did yesterday.

On Monday, July 24, the nurses were amazing! They held my hand through the whole process. My mother sat with me and we experienced a 10-hour infusion, 30 minutes at a time (something changed with my infusion every 30 minutes). Sadly, as I had feared, I did react to the monoclonal antibody, during one of the 30-minute chunks. This is something that they warn you might happen. My face got flushed and my throat started itching. That's when the med team quickly jumped in to shut it down. They shot me up with more drugs to counteract the reaction before it could become a bigger issue. Then, 30 minutes later I felt normal, and they continued to give me the drug. That weirded me out—but they know what they’re doing, and it all got in my body after about six hours!

In the next infusion, I was quickly asking my mother for a protein shake. I am someone who can taste the saline when they put it in through an IV so sadly for me, I could taste the chemo drug. Let's just say I don't care if I liked the shake or not, it was better than tasting the chemo med.

The rest of the 30-minute chunks went quickly and painlessly. Thank God! Mom and I both were surprised how quickly a day can go by when you just do it 30 minutes at a time.

Also, during this very long infusion, my mother read a whole book from the Lymphoma Society. The exciting discussion of the day was around having a septic system. Apparently, all this chemo is also going to kill my septic (so today mom went shopping for some stuff to RID-X that problem).

Now for 5 more rounds. Fun, fun.

I now live day-by-day knowing that each round will be different as it builds in my body. And whenever I feel weird or worry, I say to myself, "We're playing asteroids with cancer cells. Pew! Pew! Pew!"

*A quick follow-up to the Mediport post: Thanks for your suggestions on names. I am testing out a new name for the next 3 weeks. It’s a mix of your suggestions and I think covers what it is doing in my body: Elixir Bay

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  1. Amy Kocias Avatar
    Amy Kocias

    Love you, Dana, you are a STRONG woman! I’ll be with you in spirit & prayer during you journey. Glad you found a way to counteract the taste issues! Remember when you feel down the your Lifeguard walks on water & is carrying you through this!

  2. Amy Kocias Avatar
    Amy Kocias

    sorry for the typos.

  3. Christina Avatar

    I love the concept of taking this 30-minutes at a time. It parallels so many things in life that we have to just take as they come, a bit at a time. Thank-you for sharing your journey. I continue to hold you in my heart and my prayers.

  4. Susan Shock Avatar
    Susan Shock

    I’m just glad you got through that first infusion.

  5. Summer Avatar

    Love your positivity! Keep laughing! & laugh for you…Allister updated my text message notification without my knowing to the Star Wars “pew, pew” so now I’m especially thinking of you!

  6. Terrie Z Avatar
    Terrie Z

    One down—and the laser tag is at work! Pew pew! I am rooting for you that your next session goes as smoothly as possible. You’ve got this Dana, thinking of you often.

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