Benedryl Coma

“Just finished her bag of benedryl.” This is the first text I got from my Mom this morning, she is with Dana for her second chemo treatment. A WHOLE BAG of Benedryl. I would be in a benedryl coma for sure. I think I would be in a benedryl coma just being near a whole bag of benedryl.

I will be with Dana in September for her chemo treatment and I am hoping that being there will make the idea of chemo less like my sister is being poisoned by strangers. This is how my brain is perceiving chemo right now, especially after Dana told me that if her chemo drugs touch her skin the skin will die. Seriously, what kills skin? It is like picturing ‘that’ scene in Raiders of the Lost Arc when they open the arc…EWWWW!

Even when I get a burn or have really dry skin that is flaking off I don’t think about it as dying because the epidermis is constantly renewing itself. Our bodies are pretty amazing that way. You can put a lot of nasty shit in it or on it and it does everything it can to fix itself. This is where cancer is a big bugger. Our white blood cells will attack foreign cells but sometimes cancer tries to trick our immune system into thinking the cancer cells are healthy cells. So, chemotherapy, while poisonous is really only trying to poison the bad cells. Yay, for our bodies trying to heal themselves. But also, yay for chemotherapy becoming more and more targeted so that it targets the bad cells because early cancer therapies were developed based on the body’s reaction to mustard gas in WWI and WWII. Talk about poison, I guess I wasn’t too far off.

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    Dana Hendershot

    Love you, sister!

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